GM-100 Gas-Mechanical Locomotive Kit - $95.00

The idea for a detailed gas-mechanical loco came from a chance purchase of a 1930 Milwaukee Locomotive Company catalog reprint. The catalog had pictures of the motor and running gear that begged to be modeled. The availability of a low profile On30 mechanism from the Bachmann On30 trolley made that level of internal detailing possible. The kit is a freelance combination of many of the features shown in the catalog. Though not an exact model we feel it is a plausible depiction of a 20 to 25 ton locomotive from that period.

The kit requires a Bachmann On30 trolley donor mechanism for power. The kit has been designed to allow a sound decoder to be hidden inside the motor and connect to a speaker installed behind the radiator screen. Maximum speaker diameter is .90 inches and the decoder dimensions should not exceed 1.220 x .610 x .260 inches. A Lok-Sound Micro was used for the design because of size and availability of a 6-cylinder loco version. The cast headlight is designed to use a small LED and appropriate resistor from Miniatronics.  Draw castings are set up to use E-Z Mate or McHenry type couplers with molded-in springs and the type of coupler and position in the draw casting can set various coupler heights from On30 (HO) to On3.

This kit is not for the beginning modeler. There are many small and delicate parts and previous experience with building resin kits is a must. You will need to fit and finish over 60 parts as well as figure out the best method to assemble and paint your kit so it comes out looking how you want it to. Detailed instructions are included but describe only one possible way of assembling the model. You can click here to view the instructions. (requires adobe pdf reader)

In addition, if you decide to add DCC or a sound decoder you should have had prior experience in installing and wiring these components. Provision has been made in the model to accept these parts but it is up to the modeler to decide how best to fit and wire the components.