The links below are the ones that I have found useful in my modeling efforts. They include manufacturers and distributors as well as sites with railroad, wagon and historical data.

On30 Related Sites

On30 Group - Yahoo mail list for On30 enthusiasts.

James Eckman's Model Railroading Page - General On30 modeling info, scratch-building info, listing of available kits and modeling books

Pacific Coast Air Line Railway -  Extremely informative website created by Harold Minkwitz. Lots of good Model RR info.

Manufacturers and Distributors

Boulder Valley Models - Resin cast kits, diesel critter conversions, rolling stock etc. Info on finishing and weathering resin kits.

Foothill Model Works - Resin cast rolling stock kits and more. Info on finishing, decaling and weathering resin kits.

Bachmann Trains - Manufacturer of On30 Locomotives and Rolling stock.

Valley Model Trains - "O Scale" Structure Kits, detail parts, On30 items

Granite Creek Enterprises - Custom built On30 rolling stock, hand carved wood signs,
O scale painted figures, micro-layouts.

NG Trains - EDM Models - UK Supplier of On30 Items

GC Design Group - Manufacturer of O scale rolling stock and structure kits as well as detail parts and boat models. GC also does custom model building.

Deerfield River Laser - Manufacturer of O scale laser-cut wood rolling stock and structure kits.

Mount Blue Model Co. - Manufacturer of O scale laser-cut wood rolling stock some neat conversions for the Bachmann On30 railtruck.

Christmas Every Day - Australian Supplier of On30 Items

Prototype and General Railroad Related Info

East Broad Top R.R. - Photos and descriptions of the shops and right of way. Reference material for those interested in Eastern Narrow Gauge.

Railroading in the Northeast - Not specifically narrow gauge but there are some great diesel critter photos under Industrial Locomotives and a whole section on railtrucks,
                                                      rail buses and inspection vehicles.

World-wide 30 inch Railroads - Info on prototype 30 inch gauge railroads

Rail Serve - Listing of Rail related links on the web

General Historical Info

Historic American Building Survey - Library of Congress site with photos and plans of historic buildings in the US. Great reference for scratch-building structures.

The American Memory Collection - Library of Congress parent site for the site mentioned above. Lots more historical data: photos, maps, documents and even recordings.

Long Pond Iron Works - Historic Ironworks site in Northern N.J. One of the inspirations for my freelanced Long Pond and Wharton Railroad.

British Columbia Archives - Historic archive with many photos of logging and other turn of the century (1900's) industries.

Rough and Tumble Engineers Historical Society - A great "living history" museum in Pennsylvania Amish country -more steam than one can handle including a funky 2' gauge Shay

Wagon and Draft Animal Info

Hansen Wheel and Wagon Shop - Full size wagons, restorations and good pictures of wagons in various states of weathering

Driving Essentials - Coaching supplies, lots of horse and carriage related items as well as books

Alberta Carriage Supply - Another supplier of full size wagons, parts, books and plans

Northwest Harness and Leather - Supplier of horse harness. Info on harness, pictures and descriptions of harness

Rural Heritage Society - Good resources on all things horse and farming related. Be sure to search for Horse Progress Days and try to attend if one is held in your area.

Gruber Wagon Works Web Site - Restored 19th century wagon works in Pennsylvania, info also available on the Historic Building Survey site listed above.

Columbia State Park, Columbia California - Historic district with restored wagons etc. Worth visiting if you are in the area.

Horse Plowing Championship 2007 - Good site with lots of photos of draft animals in action.

Figures, Freight, Horses and Figure Painting

Figures-n-Bits - Distributor of figures and details including McKenzie Iron and Steel items. Good links to figure painting information

The Aspen Modeling Company - Manufacturer of figures that offers detailed horses.

Scale Link Ltd. - British distributor of figures and details in many scales. Check out Duncan Models line of "O"scale items. Figures, horses and wagons.

Arttista - Well detailed line of figures

Mountain Blue Miniatures - Nice line of 1/48 figures from Australia. Includes horses, teamsters and even a wagon or two.

Hamm River Model Products - Manufacturer of various crates and boxes useful as wagon loads, structure kits, vehicles and rolling stock.

Brifayle.Ca - Figure painting techniques

The Solis Media - More figure painting info though geared  to fantasy figures